Previstrom Peralatan Pendeteksi akanTerjadinya Petir

Previstrom Peralatan Pendeteksi  akanTerjadinya Petir

img-1595298168.jpgThe PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System for preventive lightning protection continuously measures and analyses the evolution of the atmospheric electric field. This system supports the monitorization of the thunderstorm cloud electrification process, the generation of early warnings and alerts and the detection of lightning discharges in a radius of up to 20km. Lightning discharges constitute a real threat that causes many victims every year. Damages caused by lightning to goods are also of considerable magnitude and, occasionally, cause partial or complete stoppage of key and important activities. The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System lightning prevention system monitors the clouds electrification process. The alarms generated by this system provide knowledge in advance that lightning occurrence risk has increased. This knowledge provides a valuable time advantage for the activation of preventive measures for protecting and preserving lives and goods. This system is suitable for installation as an autonomous system and as well as part of more complex systems with multiple sensors. Working as an autonomous system, the PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System can be used for generating visual and audible alerts that indicate the start and end of periods of high electro-atmospheric discharges occurrence risk. The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System can be integrated into automated ambient monitoring and scientific research systems for continuous monitoring of the electro-atmospheric field.


The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System lightning prevention system employs the “electric field mill” operating principle for making measurements of the atmospheric electric field intensity. The methods and real-time processing algorithms implemented in this system make possible the determination of the moments of increase and decrease of the risk of lightning occurrence. The operation parameters controlling the alarms generation, as well as the ones controlling the adaptation to the installation site, are completely customizable. The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System also supports two isolated relay outputs. These outputs support, amongst other functions, the activation of external acoustic alarms and visual indicators. The software included in the system supports the creation of various independent signalling patters for discriminating between the indications of start and end of high risk periods.


• Being warned about the existence of high risk of lightning occurrence before the first lightning flash happens. • Guarantee of life and goods protection by taking effective preventive actions. • Take of more precise measurements than similar storm detectors. • Monitoring of the electrostatic field intensity and its variations. • Detection of lightning discharges occurring in the detection range. • Mechanical design that guarantees higher immunity to rain noise. • Availability of models supporting de-icing and anti-freezing. • In accordance with standard IEC 62793:2016, Protection against lightning – Thunderstorm warning systems.


The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System is shipped with the software package which is required for its configuration, personalization and use. The software package supports, amongst others, the following features: • Supports connections to a virtually unlimited number of PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System systems, being limited only by actual computer resources. • Access to all configuration features which are required for its personalization and adaptation during installation and maintenance. • Visualization of current electric field value as reported by the PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System. • Visualization of current alarm levels and states. • Strip chart graph with the evolution of taken measurements. • Continuous datalogging of received data and system state. • Support for the integration of other signals provided by other systems. • Modular and extensive design supporting the addition of new customized features



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