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YTC E/P Positioner YT-1000L

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YTC E/P Positioner YT-1000L

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YTC E/P Positioner YT-1000L

YT-1000 series (including: YT-1000L YT-1000R linear and angular type two forms) electric valve positioner is a 4 ~ 20mA DC signal from the controller or by control systems, and to transport air pneumatic actuator signal to the control device of the valve position. With supporting the use of pneumatic control valve to form a closed control loop. Converting the direct current signal control system gives the driver a signal the gas valve, control valve operation. At the same time according to the degree of opening of the control valve feedback, the valve position control signal according to the system output can be positioned correctly. The electric positioner for single acting (spring return) and double acting pneumatic actuator.
Because of YT-1000 series of explosion-proof structure, it can make for explosion hazardous areas.
Second, product characteristics

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